Dino Party

Dino Party is a currently in-development game featuring you and your friends as cute cartoon dinos dashing away from their impending doom!
(Really, it's the floor falling.)

Play it competitive by pushing your friends and family's dinos out of the screen or be friendlier and make them go further by dashing into them, all while running around bouncy mushrooms, throwing snowballs, having fun in colourful themed worlds.
With online multiplayer, try to reach the finish line before your random opponent or play with your friends from the opposite side of the planet.

Interested? Check out the media gallery below, and lots of info are coming very soon right on this page!

Coming soon...

..on itch.io, Steam® and Nintendo Switch™!

EGX 2019

A big thanks to all the players that went to see us at EGX 2019!
We hope to come at other events soon, so stay tuned!


Keep in mind that the game is still going under a lot of development, we'll update this page with new images!