About UsWe Love Games. Cyclone Studios are a indie game development studio founded by Kieran Flynn and Jacob Bredesen.

What We Do Cyclone Studios was founded in 2018 to create a identity/brand behind the games we develop and publish.
In the same year of their founding date Cyclone Studios published their unique and modern take on a classic video game genre. Their title Proficient Paddles was very successful via it's initial release on Microsoft's Xbox Live Creators Program therefore they decided to make Proficient Paddles multi-platform by bringing the title to Valve's Steam digital storefront.

Who We Are Meet Our Small And Passionate Development Team

Kieran Flynn Co-Founder of Cyclone Studios

Jacob Bredesen Co-Founder of Cyclone Studios

Aaron Davidson Game Developer at Cyclone Studios

Thomas R. Game and Web Developer at Cyclone Studios